Thursday, 24 May 2007

May 24, 2007 is a thursday

Technically, I studied all day. Physically, I played all day. Mentally, i heard music all day. You might think I'm flaunting my versatility, but no. I din't do anything at all today.

Work is defined as force into displacement. I didn't as much move from my position in front of this computer other than to get my lunch, snacks and attend calls-both nature's and otherwise...Ah yes. I do remember a time when i climbed the stairs to get handkerchief (havent heard that word used anywhere else in the world other than good ol kerala).

My nose is still bleeding... I hate it when mucus is loose and it keeps oozing out. Hate the sound when i have to blow in through my nose, again and again, until i have collected enough to either spit out or blow the 2 tbs of mucus out on to my hanky. That hanky needs cleaning atleast twice a day, but i have wowed to use it for atleast one week without washing. The day is gonna end on a brighter note with my brain working* at it's day's highest as I'm writing this blog.

* that is a hypothetical situation where my nerve cells move to rearrange themselves. The total work done should be taken as number of working brain cells (which has drastically reduced after 12th standard) into the distance they have travelled, during rearrangement. That amounts to about 1 kg of rice, a banana and lots of biscuits.


  1. Disgusting thats the word i would say if had to describe this blog in one word(not because I'm a great blogger or something but just because i would like you to improve ).
    Onnu nannayi koodae???

  2. yoohoo!!!i've achieved my aim...din anyone else find it disgusting?