Saturday, 26 May 2007


Hmmm...For the last few days i have been involved in a lot of extra-curricular activity(very unlike me)like watching tv series,reading books,playing etc.
I am a very contemplative and analytic by nature,which made me look deep into what the series and the books would mean if they were to be true.
The series "HEROES" and the book "PRELUDE TO FOUNDATION" ,by Issac Asimov, deal with a hypothetical situation which allegedly is going to be the future of mankind.
According to the series the human gene is under a constant process of revival and goes on explaining the plot using Darwin's theories. They say nature has its own way of controlling living beings and technically speaking,the process of natural selection and the concept of survival of the fittest is ultimately going to make our genes alter themselves and express in a different more adaptive way. But there can also be a counter argument that the evolution process has long remained in a quasi state,which eventually has made us make adjustments to our environment to suit our cause(with its own consequences of course).
The book rather emphasis and solidifies this argument about we human beings being very manipulative towards our surroundings and in the end resulting in a galactic empire which is extremely mechanized and technologically very sound. The author has predicted the future to be a world full of robots who are going to be the loyal servants.

So i feel that our future is in a mixed bag of fortunes bound to be opened at the stroke of a great catastrophe (or a revolution), which might just sweep away the present and in turn bring a new dawn we never imagined and most probably will never.


  1. yeah but it cant be said that the world wud be mechanized,it can be the other way around!!
    do u know wat einstien said
    "I know tht der wud be a 3rd world war,but the 4th world war will be fought with stone's"
    hmm this signifies this adaptation can cause construction as well as adaptation.
    so der is not much future is it???

  2. stylan made a gud comment is a complete post.. Stars are just a speck in the sky, What are you?