Monday, 28 May 2007

Bheegi Yaadein

I'm madly in love with nature (pardon me, inquisitivo and divertido). She's so happy these days. Her joy is overflowing as tears that touch each and everyone's hearts. Oh wont you let me sleep for ever on your feel the warmth, feel the cool air around, be the spectacle for my eyes, reminding me the truths of life. Every season brings about it's own meaning, and rainy season is no different.

This is so nostalgic.. I cant think about rain without being nostalgic. Reminds me of so many beautiful moments. Let me go on chronologically.. The first thing that come to my mind is this composition we were made to write in the lower classes. The teacher would give us the topic: 'Rainy days' and give us an outline saying how much she hated rain. I, being a romantic would write against it.. floating paper boats in the puddle.. splashing muddy water on my friends.. life could never have been better. Like the elders say, 'those were the days'. I remember there was a rain-water-drain all the way from our junior school building [the building was later demolished to build a new bigger one..heartbreaking, but have to accept changes] to the ground. We used to run alongside and through it, from the beginning to the end. It wasnt a game for the faint hearted.. you had to got through long tunnels, run down steep slopes and jump down huge heights.

The academic year always started on a rainy day. After the long summer vacation, i would be too lazy to wake up, especially cuz it would have rained the previous night. The most memorable moments in the senior classes were playing football in the rain. When i close my eyes i can still feel the raindrops falling on my face as i run across the field. I realise those moments were not at all about winning or losing. They were about the feeling of togetherness, of enjoyment.. i dont know, i lack words to explain them. The final two years in school add other memories too. Waking up early and going to tuition classes. On those rainy days, i'd watch with my heart-skipping-beats, girls running from their cars to the class to avoid getting wet. Getting back to school was the hard part. We usually got completely drenched on the walk back from hotel Anand (where we had breakfast)

>>Continued from: Before the Past

>>Saw the movie 'Cars' today. Dint expect an animated movie to move me so much. Needless to say, it fuelled my nostalgia so much.


  1. Hmmm..the blog is very nostalgic and it brings my memories of the school and one more thing,it is harmless for you as long as you don't personify nature(i come to know you are good at ogling,but keep your hands off her).

  2. eh..i missed out on one thing..i too happen to watch the movie today(for the 5th time,in fact)and still it roused the same effect as the first time.One hell of a movie i must say...

  3. yes the rain..... the makes us nostalgic when we watch it pouring is so inviting..