Friday, 25 May 2007


Today the entrance results came and it so happens that my brother had also taken the exam.For the last few days i believe he might have been something like "living on the edge",anxious and apprehensive as anyone in his situation would be,its his life thats hanging in the balance(that might be a little exaggeration but i take the liberty as its my blog).
The real shock comes when you realize what you get far beyond what you had anticipated(as you might have guessed thats the case with my brother).So when i came to know of his result i made a small script of what he might be thinking in his mind.Thats what inspired me into writing this blog.
I thought his first reaction would be"what a f**king loser i'm,damn.."(as is obvious).
The word loser struck me and i thought "hey, who is the loser anyways??hmmmm".......
So, as is customary among the very intellectual,i thought of a possible definition or definitions.
The first thing i did was wiki the word and i came up with this "

Loser or Losers may refer to:

This doesn't look good, so next try was the dictionary and it said"blah blah",you find it for yourself.
Dissatisfied and totally feeling a loser,i thought "hey, i can do better ".And so i gave a new definition which is as follows :
(1)A loser is a person who is either finds his activities not satisfactory.
(2)A person who the society thinks cant do anything properly however satisfied he might be with himself.
If you want more refer the dictionary!!!!
Every time i think of any topic i always feel Einstiens words were correct "EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE".As a matter of fact, his theory has not been contradicted yet,I believe.
So is it just the psychology of the society, that we live in, makes someone a loser or is the built of the whole structure called humanity thats forcing us to follow its axioms.
Anyways don't you feel its high time since the whole system has undergone a reshuffle and rearrangement,its not fair to judge someone a loser with just a common test or it?
Everybody is unique in their own ways and none can be written off.
I believe "Every dog has a day and then he will be a dog no more".


  1. i've always been a firm supporter of "Everything is relative" theory in real world. Why the hell should someone else judge you?
    you are the one who knows what you are, how you should be, etc.. so the best person who should judge you is yourself..and trusting that judgement is the best thing one can do for self-confidence

  2. hmm gud!!
    guys i have myself felt this feeling being a looser infact many have.
    i was weak in studies till ma 8th ma friends used c me in the eye's of a i started studying in 9th, i was brilliant in maths,it was not much time tht i came to be a buji der in 10 th also i got success,hmm but wen i entered 11 th.
    i became over confident,it was just a matter of time that ma performnance went down!! but ma friedns viewed me in the eyes of a buji!!
    by the last xam i was nothing!!
    so nxt year i didnt do well
    as a result ma marks went down!!
    so dis looser thing is like a tide!!!
    every tide has it low and high's!!
    also this term looser is relative as the author said!!!

  3. yeah man too think the same...but you are a social animal and so the society will definitely manipulate you..the person you are depends a lot on the response you get from the society..but i believe exceptions do happen..

  4. Loser is one who learns from his/her mistake and doesnt repeat it....sounds cliche ...but ok its a fact

  5. Anyways don't you feel its high time since the whole system has undergone a reshuffle and rearrangement,its not fair to judge someone a loser with just a common test or it? wait for that and you'll see that all you do is wait wait and well...wait. The moment you rest upon the belief that you need a change of system so that you can fully bloom, you never will.