Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Tachometer story

**Pals, here I am going to tell you a story,which actually happened in our electrical machines lab.It happened during our university exam.I am going to describe it in first person because it will make it more funny.I will not tell you the name of the real hero due to his persuasion(threats). **
(This doesn't deny the possibility of that brave soul being me.. ok??)

Well.. guys, as always it is, I rarely had any interest in attending classes during s6 also.Let it be theory classes, or labs, those ain't bothering me. But still, I had to get into machines lab several times for attendance. Since their department was notorious for giving lowest internal marks, friends persuaded me to get in. sometimes, I yielded, sometimes I didn't.
But of course, I never allowed anything to affect my reputation. I was deeply engaged in my own businesses when all those dirty machines worked and others took readings...

But, as usual, when the exam was coming near, I found myself at sea.(that has become so regular!!) Just one day before the exam, I started to study so hard. I didn't feel as if I've ever seen any of those machines.Dc series,shunt, and all that crap. I tried to make out how each machine looked like, how to make all those connections and all that.

Next day, I entered into the exam hall with full confidence.I got an experiment and somehow I managed to write down all the stuff.(I don't even remember which one.. Why should I? Human brain doesn't have unlimited storage like gmail inbox).

I went to fetch components. I wasn't very sure if all those were the right components since I was seeing them for the first time.(Or atleast, i felt so..) The component list consisted of one thing called tachometer.I had a clear idea of how it was used. My friend had explained everything with hand gestures since it was impossible to have a real instrument. Right then, a question came towards me.
"You want a digital tachometer or an analog one?"
Well... that was a situation which I had never thought of.I didn't even know that two types existed.I was so confused as if a child was asked to choose between his mom and dad.
Now lemme tell you guys, when such a crisis occurs in your life, try to be purely logical, listen to your brain..
And that was exactly what I did..
Analog and digital.. Both of them revolved around my head.. digital.. means what? only ones and zeros.. thats much better.. isn't it?
I thought of the two subjects that we studied in 4th semester.. Analog and digital.. I thought of the way in which I miserably failed in one of them and managed to secure passmark in the other.. wow!! That was the most logical thing that I had ever thought of..
I said in a firm voice "digital..."

Somhow, I managed to make all the connections. I turned the machine on. I had to measure the number of rotations of the machine. So, that was where tachometer came into play. I tried to memorise what my friends explained to me. Tachometer had to be inserted at one end of the rotating part. I looked at the end of the tachometer and the hole in the machine.

"Naa... this isn't gonna make it"

I was pretty sure about that. The hole was too small. I walked to the other side of the machine. The hole on that side was slightly bigger. But still, I was confused like a baby in a topless bar. I was very sure that this was the way in which a tachometer was used. May be, I'll have to insert it forcefully, I thought.

I took two steps backwards. With all my strength, I tried to insert the tachometer.

"No... Not like that !!!!"

There came a roar from behind. When turned back, I saw the lab attender running towards me. He grabbed the tachometer.

"Is this your first time here?"

He said in a grim voice. I shrugged as if I was being accused of something which I never knew about. He gave me an angry look and showed me how to use the digital tachometer. For the rest of the experiment, it was him who took the readings. May be he shuddered that I would damage anything.

When I told this to all my friends later, they were all laughing just like they were watching a Jim carry movie or something. What is there to laugh so much... huh?? I handled it very well eventhough I didn't know a thing about all those machines and instruments.didn't I??
What do you guys say??


  1. U should be grateful to the Lab attender if thats you. They really helped a lot of guys including me.

  2. I can imagine how it was. i had similar problems too. some of the differnces being

    1) i had seen a digital one before but was afraid to use it for the exam. maybe because-

    2) i had failed miserably in both the subjects :-'( So choosing between the two types presented more challenge than the univ question itself.

    3) wen i got into the lab, i was bent on making a good first impression with the invigilator. so drew an 'auto-transformer' for starting a 'dc series motor'. lol.. fortunately ma'am didn't question me much. maybe coz she felt i was an adi tettiya aana or i was so dumb that thr was no use in questioning me.

    4) i had been to the lab on most days. so knew that a dc series motor had to be started in 'loaded condition'; but never knew how much loaded meant loaded. gave some 20-25 kg initial load n started the machine. actually 'i' didnt. that was how sasi left the machine. anyway result was 'diwali' preponed. for a moment the starter seemed like the birth of a second sun. very bright, clouds of fume n everything. lab assistants came n found that the starter had almost burnt away. fortunately they didn't say anything. in the next batch G3mO got the same experiment n i remember him saying 'i didn't need a starter to start the machine; it was all automatic'.

    5) took the readings on my own. so i may have to visit the lab soon.

  3. hehe nice read..
    i can visualise the horror in the attender's face when he saw his intrument being inserted into a big hole that was rotating fast.. er.. no pun intented ok.. ;-)

  4. I think I know who the hero of the piece is !

  5. hahaha..this was very funny...I think I should congratulate tht brave soul. Though he din't hav a slightest idea of whts he was usin still he dared to use the tachometer as he was taught....its hilarious man!!!!!!!!!I wonder things can haapen like this also in machnes lab....

  6. man dat was really hillarious!!!