Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Some moments that I can't forget

** I mean nothing serious.. absolutely nothing.. just enjoy the little jokes **

Sitting in the classes has become so much of a boring thing for me. I never expected that classes would be held on such a regular basis in s7. We used to have more free hours in s6 than this.. didn't we?

Today, we did the presentation regarding our project. KK had taught me something (he's my fellow project mate) and I ended up telling something(else...??) in front of Biji jacob sir. Me and Balu tried our best to deliver whatever we knew, but still, he complained about one-man show(when KK is around, that is unavoidable, isn't it??).

But I was very happy that I knew at least something about my main project. In the case of mini project, things were different. I knew almost nothing about it. (Of course, it was my fault.. to be very honest, I never made any sincere effort). Umesh,Bachi and Surji were my mates then. My contributions were limited to visiting Bach's house(Only to have lunch,tea etc. and to display my counter strike skills while others tried to make that thing work),buying components from thakarapparambu etc. But at last, we had to go to the exam hall with someone else's project since ours didn't work. Bachi somehow managed to get a similar project from one of his friends in some other college. Quite unfortunately, their external examiner happened to be ours also.(Now that's what bad luck is.. can u just imagine the probability of such a thing to happen? Seriously, it's too small ya..). He kept telling us that he had seen exactly the same project somewhere else. What could we do about that huh??

Even though all these happened, I never had any doubt regarding the intellect of my project mates, especially Bach. He even showed me some weird and unique symbols during last microprocessor lab that only one person in this world could do. All those appeared on the screen when Bach wrote a program by himself and we tried to execute it. Symbols, that I haven't seen even among Greek or Roman letters.. That was an unforgettable experience.. not only the symbols, but the face expression of Bach also when all those appeared.. Man.. I didn't have a cam with me to capture that golden moment...!!!


  1. bach's expression changed!!!!!
    tht's ahuge miss.. would've liked to see a diff expression on his face..
    your mini project story is truly legendary..

  2. I cant imagine how u managed to get the same examiner.
    Tough luck man.
    No surprise on bach's reactions.We get them scarcely.

  3. Good one...About the external examiner; this is what is called coinicidence(??)...isn't it? I can imagine how desperately you ppl would have wished if u were not thr...

  4. toast to the miniproject team