Friday, 28 November 2008

Comment on Sudeep's article

i started this as a comment, and then switched on for a new post...

the whole article needs polishing...

and i agree with john on that line... its cool!

and what if i could write one detailed description of a day at CET for me?

dept library,
tech library
Copy Park,
dept library reference section,
half an hour at home prioritizing the day's stuff to be completed,
then back to college,
reading ebooks and papers at CCF upto 8:30pm,
come back home lazily,
and flip through pages of texts for deciding pages to be at Copy Park the next day and sleep...
the cycle continues...

i wonder how it'll be like once i start working?????

and as i was mentioning to a few, i have loosened up a lot in these 3.5yrs.. and i'd really like to put in a lot of effort to be lazy for the next few months atleast... with God's grace i've been able to do anything i set myself on through dedicated work,... i wonder how much work i have to put in to be lazy, to not attend classes, to stop visiting the library, to start watching a lot-lot of movies, ah.. the list is endless....

desp! how can i even think of all that!

lemme imagine myself at my future workplace....


ah... the signs are showing.... instead of trying to complete a lengthy BMI assignment, i'm visiting AEIOhYou and ...................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. "eatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleepeatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleepeatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleepeatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleepeatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleepeatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleepeatworkeatworkeatworkeatsleep"

    But by the way, I never thought AEIOHYOU induced sleep in people....

    I would just say that sometimes in life, you need to be lazy.

  2. tht's one helluva day to spend.. but something says i'd prefer pkadu, museum and ccd to library, classroom & ccf..

  3. You can be proud of what you do bcoz only "you do this"..

  4. dude.. u made me believe that workaholics do exist... lol...

  5. nd 1 more thing.. 'value for money' for the company that chose u..

  6. "come back home lazily," that seems out of place. wonder how that creeped in. maybe u dint get time to go over the article a fifth time before postin.
    the article shud hav been titled "a non-cetian's life in cet"

  7. u call me a non-CETian???????
    i'm sure there r plenty of people like me at CET... well, atleast a few.... and we r good CETians too... :-)
    remember, the greater majority of "typical-CETians-as-you-see-it" move on in their own ways only because they are assured that a few "non-CETians-as-u-baselessly-call-them" exist and go about doing their business...
    anyone against this particular opinion?

    and i dint even go through the article a single time before posting....

    but i do wonder how CGPU escaped the list... ;-)
    my life@CET is not complete without that....