Sunday, 23 November 2008

The rain that brought some thoughts

Days seem so similar. Nothing much happens on a particular day. The things that I read and things that I scribble somewhere seem to be the only difference between today and yesterday. I do have a clear idea of what I want to do in my life (Of course, it has been changing from time to time). But I don’t feel like I am moving towards what I intend to achieve. “If you want to do something in your life, now is the only time to do it.” I remember reading so in a book written by Robin Sharma(Don’t exactly remember which one. The monk who sold his Ferrari, may be). That really makes sense, doesn’t it? Right now, I can’t decipher what my life is heading towards.

All these were the thoughts in my mind when I was lying on the bed last night, with total darkness around. It was 1.30 or so. My roommate was lying next to me, sleeping peacefully. Hostel was not fully asleep. There will always be someone awake at MH. I could hear a song being played somewhere.

Right then, I heard the sound of water pouring down and hitting the earth. It was raining. I got up and walked towards the window. Small water droplets were coming in. I stood there for a while, enjoying the rain, listening to the music embedded in it.

Nature beckons from outside, and I couldn’t resist it. I took my clothes off, wore a towel and ran out. In CET MH, grills are always open. So anyone could go out any time. I ran to the ground in front of the hostel and stood at the centre.

I looked back at the hostel, with the cool water refreshing both my mind and body. It was an obscure view of the notorious MH. CET men’s hostel, where I arrived with a lot of hope about my future, where I had to face the worst situations of my life (as far as studies were concerned.), where I learned to stand up and fight, where my dreams got mutilated and then reverted, where I earned a lot of close friends, where I tried to walk on eggshells when small fights occurred between my friends, where I met some audacious bunch of people doing crazy things consistently and above all, where I learned a lot about life, if not about engineering. These were the things that I achieved in these four years, I could achieve only this much.

I will have to bid adieu to this place, within a few months, being jobless. But in that poignant moment, I will never regret my decision to be a part of this hostel, not one bit (huh… Joker has influenced me pretty much). Besides all the difficulties that I had to face, I will cherish each and every moment that I spent here.

Rain had almost stopped. I walked back slowly.


  1. Nice post dude....the day for all of us to part away is fast approaching ..hardly six months to go.. I agree wit u bro even though i regret the moment i took engineering i would never regret being a CETIAN,
    I will u miss u all.......

  2. this has got me all nostalgic over again..

  3. Mates, I never thought teh prospect of leaving CET ans the MH will be this painful.As I spent most of my adolescence in a hostel,I thought this was it, this was the deepest of attachments you could possibly have to an institution and its people. Leaving JNV was the toughest moment in my life so far.
    But I now realize, some decades down the lane from now, it will be shadowed by the moment I step out of CET ans the MH.
    Like Anika Sorenstam said yesterday, on the day she retied, "Some good things in life do end !"

  4. A beautifully lyrical post. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  5. Man....Damn good language.....and i think you ppl hav started to get sthn called FYS year syndrome; the feelin whch ll get only whn you are in final year..nywys enjoy the last days at your MH and CET.......