Tuesday, 11 November 2008


As the rainclouds gathered outside, Hirosh was engrossed in the circuit he was designing. It was for the robot he was making , just for fun.

His name had come up in the newspaper the previous week. The newspaper had called him an "electrifying personality," though 'electrifying' was the last word one would use to describe his personality. It was that, electricity passed through him sans the slightest harm. The newspaper had a photo of him holding a glowing bulb for which electricity came through his hand. His face was brighter than the bulb, though.

Then, you may wonder why he was working on an electronic circuit. Ask him and he would say,"i have conquered large currents, now to the smaller ones." And you would think, what a stupid answer!

As he was testing the H-bridge ICs for the circuit, his hands accidentally touched the transformer of the power supply. He felt a funny tickle as the mains current passed through his body.

He paused for a moment to savor that feeling. A smile appeared slowly, but froze half way, as he saw a blinding flash of lightning outside..