Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Review: Aston Shell

Aston shell is a desktop enhancement software.i used it some years before. Just decided to try it again.

The software is available as trial version, just google for it.

I dont know whether it has any security issues or bugs. i haven't had a problem yet. so try it at your on risk.

its good to have the change from the ever-same windows xp. i have tried many themes in xp. but it all have the same look, bad colour combinations. with themes there is very little to alter. so i tried the aston software. its totally cool.

my desktop now looks like this

apart from the totally awesome looks...

- all your drives are listed in the left, including how much storage space is left
- the pic of the computer on the top is "my computer" icon. When u pass ur mouse over it, it has a lovely animation
- direct google search on the top.
- softwares split into groups in the top
- calander comes up when u move mouse over the time
- if u move ur mouse to extreme right or left, a customizable menu comes up listing ur favourite software
- i am writing the article in the option called quicknotes. type/paste in things u want to keep. it is automatically saved.
- custumizable hotkeys. i have given 1 each for firefox, winamp and shutdown

the wallpaper you see isn't part of the software. I got it from a torrent "631 wallpapers 20-Pack Mortallity". each one of them top quality. One of the best wallpaper collections i have ever seen.

it doesnt eat too much of ram. 23MB max is what i have seen.

the only bad side i see is the full version costs a lot of money, adding new icons to the list is a little difficult.

edit: here are the screenshots as kk suggested. it is here


  1. the screenshot looks really cool

    sorry mate.. counting out firefox and games when they r run, i dont allow any program in background to take more thn 10 mb..

  2. yeah.. like jfx said totally cool screnshots....

    actually i had run this aston shell on ma system, but something about its styling didn't suit me... hmmm... anyways i'll try it once more....

  3. Awesome review man...considering the facts
    1)i didn't know about Aston shell
    2)I just corrupted Xp trying to patch the uxtheme.dll system file to install 3rd party themes.
    It looks great on the screen shot as everybody said.I will defenitly try it.Thanx mate