Wednesday, 23 January 2008

KyUn EXAMS Fail hUa..

After every university exam, I'd been fighting back my temptation to write a blog about it. Now I'm writing not 'coz my frustration crossed it's limit, but 'coz I'm finally able to accept that there is no use in fighting a battle that's not ours.

Firstly the maths exams was unexpectedly easy. There ended the 'Happy Days'. The buoyant faces around the campus didn't have a clue what the KU had in store for them in the coming days. I don't wanna relive the experience of the following exams, but those lead to a revelation.

What exactly is the KU trying to do proving all the odds wrong? Why are the questions so unpredictable, which might even be foolishly easy only if we'd studied it. But why didn't we study them? The answer is often simple-they are the most unimportant parts in the whole subject or as it happened in the last exam, we got a whole text wrong.

Little more about the last exam, and I'll continue along the previous line of thought later. Well, the teacher taught us something in a language we couldn't understand. The words written on board were hieroglyphics and to top it all, we were given a excellent book that's extremely hard to decipher. But something about the subject drove us hard into interpreting the whole book (special mention to divertido). Maybe it was the joy of learning, the joy of using our brains properly after a long time. The previous night we even sympathized our teacher with poor communication skills. One minute into the exam changed it all. People referring that exam paper next year would say "It was easy.". They'd never know what went through our mind on seeing questions that didn't even dare to touch the essence of the subject which drained the complete processing power of quad-core brains.

Back to the question of why KU is doing this, I've a possible plausible answer. They playing the lame game that a boy does to impress his girlfriend. Make unpredictable situations and conversations that tries to convince the foolish girlfriend to falsely believe that the boy is naturally great. This artificiality shines through every one of the question papers. That concerted effort to make exam papers that question not the intelligence of each student, but their foolishness. Every question seems to ask the same thing - how foolish of you to leave the simple things and study the hardest parts. KU has been so blinded by the feeling that unpredictable questions bring out the intelligence in someone. They do not realize that it's not unpredictability that checks a students intelligence. A question paper based on the application of what's taught in books, even if the application needs to be derived right then and there, is acceptable by me. I hope that at least in the future the KU realizes that only higher grade application based question papers improve the standard of the university.


  1. Current scheme of examination should be scrapped.There should not be a university which simply collects the fees and ask the quetions without teaching anything. This scheme eats up half an year of the students just preparing and writing exams.There should be only lab exams and one single theory exam all put into one single question paper of 3 hrs.If they want they can scrap sessionals also.The duty of evaluating the student should lie with the institution/college,which demand the best from the faculty.(I believe responsibity is the side effect of authority).There should be no obligation to sit in class.It should be the sheer thirst for knowledge that drive the student,not that for marks..I wanna blast KU into space dust...i want all the current question paper makers to be busted..usage of the racist words such as "topper","supply","backpapers","cgpa",etc should be banned..
    anyways i pray i dont have any supply this semester...If my words hurt anybody(especially KU ),take them as the mumbling of a cluttered and stressed gullible mind..

  2. Then about the blog...I truly under stand your feeling about learning a subject which "nobody else can never come across again' as quoted by the inventor itself(himself). Anyways u can be proud of the fact that you did not take the easy way around like most others.

  3. @ aj

    your ideas seem too idealistic and completely in contrary to our current system.. i guess it wud require another 50 or so years to implement the system you want...

    i wud suggest we scrap the whole technical education system immediately and just provide elementary education till say 20... and finally when everybody's well acquainted with the basics of arithmetic and grammar and watever we can send them all to some military camp under Al Quaeda and rob the Americans!

    Ho! wat a wonderful idea...

  4. i wanted to be the first to post a comment on this article... simple superb johny.... i am taking it into my blog.. with full credits to you of course.. ok..

    too good an article to miss..
    superlative comparisons...

    wonder if sir read that :-)

  5. @aj
    loved the part about no obligation to attend classes.. and believe me it would work..

    "(usage of the racist words such as "topper","supply","backpapers","cgpa",etc should be banned..)" hehe

    aj's the one who's idealistic?

    thnks dude.. honor's all mine.. hope sir reads it only after correcting the paper

  6. changing the format of questions is ok, but should be for better. this sem questions were like history question paper

    describe maratha war
    describe espresso minimizer

    is there any relation between interupt and dma?
    is there any connection between humayon and his father

  7. hope someone noticed something in the title..