Thursday, 31 January 2008

Confession 2 (Page 1)

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance to characters and incidents in real life are purely coincidental.

When was the last time I saw her? Time flies by in life. But there are moments in life you never forget. They are so clear in your fresh a memory as it happened just moments ago. It was the batch farewell party and I couldn't take my eyes off her, I never could. It had been like that for 4 years.. the best of my life.

When was the first time I saw her?
"Hey you! come here" I turned my head around, being careful to keep looking down and not look in the eyes of my caller.
I slowly walked up to him.
"What's your name?", he asked.
"Don't you have a father?" he inquired with a mocking laugh
"John F Xavier" I replied.
"Describe her"
I turned to look at the person standing next to me. She was about my shoulder high. I started to open my mouth when she lifted up her face to look at me. The only thing I saw was the untold helplessness in her deep blue eyes. They were beautiful.

I walked to my class wishing her to be in it. She wasn't there. Destiny's playing dice with me as usual. I exhausted all the contacts I could gather in the college. By the end of first day, I found out which branch she was in and more importantly, her name. That evening, I went to the canteen with my friends. After the snack, we waited for our transportation in the bus bay. Then I saw her again. She was more beautiful than in the morning. I became a regular in the bus bay from then on.

It was just the beginning. I watched her for four years. Every time she walked through the corridor. The times when she laughed aloud or cried silently. Her first love - the hot senior. Their break-up. The guy who consoled her and became her second boyfriend. Her love for chocolates and ice-cream. The tragic death of her father. I knew everything about her but didn't know her. She never talked to me, ever.

Thinking back, she was pretty close to her boyfriend by the time we passed out of college. They must've got married. I never inquired about her to anyone afterwards. It was time to move on.

I've been on the same job for the past 10 years. Boring is the least you can say about it. It goes on and on until yesterday I got a postcard. "Meet me at 10, Desert Mist" Even after 10 years, I could instantly recognise the handwriting. I couldn't sleep the night and after 24 long hours now I am waiting for her. I'd always waited for her..

Here she comes. I can recognise her gait from a distance. She walks into the ice-cream parlour and finds me sitting beside the corner table. I can't take my eyes of her. The feeling's same as the first time I saw her. My heart warms as her beautiful lips part to utter the words-"Stop blogging, I've lots to talk."


  1. Hmmm.... Desert Mist, Ice cream parlour... Another scandal on cards huh?? Johnny... ;-)

    well, 'twas a good build up,should have concluded with what was in your mind rather than ending with an anticlimax...

  2. the ending i thought about initially was an anticlimax of different kind.. but tht wud've been cliche..

  3. Hell! You only had an anticlimax in your mind?? i thought the post was inspired from your affection for "we-all-know-who"..
    should have put in the disclaimer when you published the post itself... Hmmm.. watever...

  4. Good build up as inquisitivo said..
    expected something more..

  5. hmm.. the story was indeed inspired by 'some people' and the song playing in background (jal - moray piya).. the idea was to keep the actual climax to myself.. ;-)

  6. Good one...more than a story, I felt it to be a wish...a projected desire coupled with curiosity to know and keep on knowing about someone whom you loved with your innocent mind, before you lost it to time.
    And about the state of our mind about something beautiful that we left behind.
    Only time will tell us if we're going to be in the mental state that we want us to be in.

  7. hmm... thats it??? no sequel? nothing. feels incomplete after all the nice build up... no interation at all? come on man develop it...

  8. *interaction. btw why does it always have to be blue eyes? lol.

  9. i love dark black eyes more.. but the allegory of drowning in deep blue eyes seem beautiful