Sunday, 27 January 2008

havent u ever felt like you have written something so senseless you cant think of a title for it

i have this problem
i can't get angry
i don't know why it is like that
it might seem like a good thing
but it isn't always good
there are times you should be angry
but i cant understand why i am like this
why am i not getting angry
why? why?
damn i should get get angry sometime
why in hell cant i get angry
damn damn damn
why the f@#$

i am saved!!!!!

ps: divertido is now bach (pronounced batch)


  1. yeah! sure i do get those kinda posts when the choice of a title is hard to make,but they needn't be really senseless...

    you sure get angry quite quickly.. only 13 lines into the post and you burst out.. what the f#!^ is your f@#$in problem !@#!@%&??

    who the #$@#$ do ya think u r !@#^%^?? and wat a f%^&in title, can't even see the top portion of the comment... shit!

    you better take a chill pill boy, twice a day for a whole month... and if you find its not helpin go join some fight club and thrash crackhead..

    hmmmm.... bach?

    Bach (pronounced Batch, with the alternative of Crib in the southern part of New Zealand) is the name given in New Zealand to structures akin to small, often very modest holiday homes or beach houses. They are an iconic part of New Zealand history and culture, especially in the middle of the 20th century, where they symbolized the beach holiday lifestyle that was becoming more accessible to the middle class.

    "Bach" was originally short for bachelor pad, but actually they often tended to be a family holiday home. Baches started to became very popular in the 1950s, as better roads and more available cars allowed family beach holidays, often to the same beach every year, and hence to the construction of a bach in that spot.One humourous definition of the bach, is "something you built yourself, on land you don't own, out of materials you borrowed or stole."

    wiki's great!

  2. about bach

    why use a diff nickname when u have already got one.

    it has nothing to do with new zealand except both arre derived from bachelor

  3. Bach-hope new name bring some sense and anger..good luck.When u wanna get angry count from 1 to 100 till u get angry

  4. finally bach's back to his real name.. his real identity.. the real you..