Thursday, 23 August 2007

It Happens

10 I didn't have much to write about in the past week. So here's a blog pretty much about nothing or something haven't thought much about or maybe anything i feel like writing now.

20 First of all, I'm in a buoyant mood now. The reasons maybe plenty, or there isn't one. If there is a reason, it might be possible that the reason is one of the following:
1. Stepper motor worked yesterday.
2. The huge feud between students of our class ended today in a happy and unexpected way. (You can write a whole story on it)
3. I'm going to kannur this weekend and will be able to refresh my batteries.(I'm not gonna joke that i left back my charger there last time around)

30 Let me start off with the stepper motor. It's the first small step for our-kind but a huge step for the motor. It is the first time it worked satisfactorily outside the printer it was designed for. The printer had been waiting to be dumped into some deep abyss from where there would be no coming back. The motor must be happy that it has been rescued and brought back to life by a group of young men who aspire to become leaders of the future. On an interview to, the motor said "I wish my new owners success in their forthcoming endeavor at Shaastra 07"

40 It's better that i keep my mouth shut about the second reason why I'm happy. It's been going on and on for two weeks now. Cold war, verbal war, etc.. thank god it didn't become physical. The best thing is now everyone's happy and raring to go. Go where? Of course for the tour!

50 After going to pala just two weeks back, I'm off to see the next set of relatives this weekend. Kannur is not only about seeing my sweet cousins, uncles, aunties, grandpa and grandma, it's an adventure in itself. The place is halfway up a hill. It's like a visit to hill station, a hill station you can call home.

60 END

P.S. Sorry about the meandering and often confusing sentence construction. Those are just a wave-guide of my mind which often goes a million times around a point before actually reaching it. In fact let me continue with the thought process which is often evident in my speech too. I think about the same point in too many ways at once. So i often end up starting a sentence rephrasing it in the middle and might even end up contradicting what i start off to say. It's not a surprise that most of my friends who have come with doubts to me go back with more serious doubts.
If you are still thinking what the numbers in front of each para means, think BASIC.


  1. forgot BASIC.. lol...actually read your blog long time back(oh..long means, on the day you posted...)but then was not in a mood to comment..

    first of all this blog reflects the psychy of an intellectually rich but productive outputly very poor(grin) individual(ideal/idle INDIAN)...

    Secondly,points to be noted from the blog:
    1)The damn motor worked!!!
    2)Finally we all will be goin for the tour(ooops...I.V),and thank god not to Kovalam(the back up)...
    3)For a week, oruttante shalyam ozhinju kittum!! ;-)