Saturday, 4 August 2007


Inside the studio of a mega music contest...

A Contestant bursting his throat out to reproduce a hit no..He had practised the song for over two weeks before presentation.

After the performance.
Judge 1: Hmmm.....pretty average performance.
(Contestant mumbling, 'Damn asshole doesn't he know what's next to average.......average guy!!!')
Judge 2: Can you please sing ...*a word from some line in some stanza.
Our obedient and humble contestant responds.
Judge 2:Yeah!!! (as if he caught a thief red handed) the pronunciation in not right for that need to improve your diction if you want to stay in this contest.
(Contestant mumbling the second time.... Huh!! another kick ass...the oxford guy!!! sucko)
Judge 3:Actually i liked your song...(please note: 8Th wonder of the world is need of any poll) Buttt....your pitching is flat at some places, so you need to keep working hard....
(Contestant:(thinking).... Aye,Aye foot)

Oh! god when will the parade of judges end......

Judge 4:Aaaahh...i donno....these organizers have put me here, i don't know why?? But one thing i would like to say, YOU ROCK!!!
(contestant:(mumbling again) oh! another sadist....onneneettu pokumo....)
(thank god he turned off the microphone while mumbling)

Judge 1 was a be all and end all of the music industry, he ain't satisfied with anything..
Judge 2 is a retired language professor from a parallel college..
Judge 3 upcoming music director(with hit:flop ratio = 1:100) hoping to impress somebody with his "wise" comments...
Judge 4 'The producer' of the show...
Oh! Contestant: ME!!!
I was thinking of such a situation. (gulp!)
Njan curtain pedikkan vallom ninnolaam(sigh).....

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  1. everyone fears being judged.. if you dont like to be judged, never enter the competition...
    i agree tht the judges err many times, but watching the show, i had the same comments as the judges most of the occasions. Tht doesn't mean i can do it correctly. It's easier to be a judge thn being judged.. lets enjoy the guilty pleasure