Thursday, 9 August 2007


(it is advisable to read the first half of the story before continuing in case you have forgotten the storyline.)

He so wanted to talk to her, be near her… clear up his confused mind and somehow wrest back the memories he most definitely was missing. But how? Whom to ask? And what will he ask them “Could you tell me how the beautiful girl whom I have been loving secretly is in my house and seems to know all of you?”… ya that would be nice. Damn… he kept to himself and to his own room all morning… trying to find answers. Furthermore he dint have the courage to face a situation in which he might once again be found wanting in his understanding… who knows what else has gone on in this household while his memory was in the “write error” situation. It was a rainy day and most of the inhabitants (which was more than usual thanks to the relatives staying over for the night) kept to the house … so he remained in his room till afternoon avoiding all company until his mom came to call him for lunch.

Lunch went pretty much the same way as breakfast except she looked a bit downcast but still sat next to him… should he talk to her after lunch? He washed his hand and turned around to catch her eyes, she also seemed to be waiting for the opportunity to talk to him… he took a step towards her, when his mom whisked her away to the kitchen to help her. He retreated to his bedroom.

He made up his mind. It was best if he talked to her… alone. But no such opportunities presented itself till evening. At one point he considered going to sleep, and maybe when he woke up everything would become clear. But slumber does not dawn on a turbulent mind easily… the frustration began to mount and as he sat at his desk thumbing through an old magazine she showed up at his door. He stood up immediately and their eyes locked. She also wanted to talk to him desperately. He sensed it in her eyes. She stood there motionless for a moment and all eternity it seemed before she turned round and walked away at someone’s call… well that’s it enough! He decided whatever the truth there was no meaning in waiting… Better sooner rather than later.

He waited for ten minutes before moving out of his room. She was not in the kitchen… his cousins had gone out thanks to the benevolence of the rain gods. His mom and aunt were chatting away in the dining hall while there respective husbands sat discussing politics in the front room. He made his way up the stairs and headed straight for the farthest room after checking the adjacent rooms… there he found her.

She was standing by the window looking out into the darkness that was building up outside… the skies were still murky so like his own mind. He did not know what he should ask her. She was dressed in a blue churidar… lighter and darker shades of blue mixed in an abstract design. Her hair was being swept back by the slight breeze into the room… he could not see her face… he moved forward uncertainly. Just then a lightning forked across the skies and she suddenly turned her head away from the window. He caught a glimpse of her face and realized she was on the verge of tears… she turned an accusing look upon him. “I…”, he began. “you have been avoiding me…”, she interjected… she was wearing minimal make up and light pink lipstick… she looked beautiful. As always… he reminded himself. he did not know what to say. Of course it was true. “You have not talked to me all day and have not even given your face to me… I want to know… What is wrong with you?” she carried on in the same vein. Just a memory lapse dear, nothing major, I just cant remember how or when we fell in love, he thought in his mind. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Or is it just that you don’t like me any more? Am I a disturbance to you?”. She was an angel in tears… a sad sight to behold. “Never my dear…”, he said from the bottom of his heart… “Then what is it? tell me…”she implored. He had no words to comfort her, he took up her hands in his and squeezed them… this made her lose all control. She broke down crying on his chest… he was taken aback initially but hugged her close to his chest… “I love you dear and I will never lose you…. Never…”, he whispered in her ears… she kissed his chest and continued sobbing into his chest. He pulled her closer to his chest and her blue glass bangles splintered and fell to the floor… neither of them noticed… they were in a world of their own. He would remember and treasure this forever, he told himself. Nothing was going to pluck this memory from him.

Then she suddenly pulled away from him and wiped her eyes… the mascara had spread onto her face. “I have to go…”she said. “What? Now? Why?”, he asked. “You just have to let me go… You know I have to go. This cannot last…” . “ Why not? , I am not letting you go… not for anything in this world”. Saying this he caught her hand and pulled her closer, but she wont come nearer. “Just let me go…”, she was pleading… he pulled harder but she refused to let go. He closed his eyes to shut out the pain… to win her and lose her within the space of 24 hours would be excruciating. “ Let me go…”. The sound pounded in his ears. “ Let me go or go and make dosa and chutney yourself…” the voice said. Wtf ? He opened his eyes to see he was in his bed hanging on to his moms hand… it was early morning. No it could not be a dream, no… he felt like screaming out loud. “ Let go sleepyhead”, mom said. It was all a dream. Damn them all. Mom made her way back to the kitchen muttering something. Why had the gods been so cruel to him? “ f( ) ( k!”, he cursed quietly. “ Go and get a shower… else you will be late”, mom shouted. He just wanted to just flop back down on the bed and continue his dream… damn. It had been so confusing… but so sweet. Dream or not At least he had her… she had been with him, she had loved him, she had even cried for him… “ f( ) ( k!”, he cursed again. Pining on dreams aint gonna help you he said to himself. Maybe a shower in the cold water might. Still cursing he collected up his dress and went into the bathroom.

He stripped and stood under the shower. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “ It was all a dream… goodbye, dream…” and he let the shower run. The water was cold… it struck him like a thousand needles… he dropped his head and... DAMN!!! What the?. He shut off the shower and hurriedly dried himself not daring to look. Ran into the room half naked and stood in front of the mirror… there it was… on his chest…there was no mistaking it. He felt something in the pocket of his T- shirt slung over his shoulder. He put his hand in and pulled out the splintered remains of blue golden bangles... . A pink imprint of beautiful lips shone clear on his chest…
*******************************THE END*******************************

**once again this is not a part of the chain story doing the rounds now.

**the author would like to thank the devoted fans for waiting patiently for the rest of the story. sorry it took so long and thanks for your support.


  1. you rock!!!

    Great narration...
    You instilled a feeling of "love", Hmmmm...nostalgic....

    I wish it weren't a dream and that i was the hero.... ;-)
    Alas!! stories doesn't always mean reality...

    The final part of the dream...touchy man...really must be a practitioner of romanticism ...

  2. hihi i hope i dint stretch it out too much. i especially wanted some space between him wakin up and realisin it wasnt a dream and the shocker climax.

  3. inquisitivo made a gud point.. the part tht touched me most was the romantic touch.. you really have a knack at evoking love thru words.. will make a great romance movie script writer.. if not tht, atleast a tear wrenching mega serial-soap writer. ;-)