Friday, 3 August 2007

the departed

just finished watchin "the departed" and theres no way you'll do that without appreciating the craft of martin scorsese... the story flows with no slur or snag or jerks and you are taken along for the ride... even the score is brilliant and the twists and turns are timed just right and by twists i dont mean those silly ones they make for the sake of twists and which you ll guess far before it comes... no these ones will really get you of guard, well no more spoilers!!! and the language can be described in one word "f()(k"... great movie... thus i have relaunched my attack on the movie database... 1 down 150 odd to go.


  1. oh!! some attack!! outstanding movie i must say with a sudden climax...

  2. still waiting to get my hand on tht dvd and many others