Sunday, 12 October 2008

how long can you remain idle?

flashback or as the mallu movie goes.. rewind.. drastic rewind..

Three weeks ago we were working on something without a body, without a mind, trying to make the future. Our minds and body were bent on making it work. The robots were made. The battle half won. Who cares about the rest half. Anyway that is past and back to future. I keep haing an obsession of jumping from past to future when the thing that matters most is the present. But present is just a moment while the past and future are immeasurable.

So back to past or the recent past to be exact. What's keeping me busy these days? Nothing. So what's the problem? nothing. No i din't mean there's no problem. Nothing is the problem. You laugh at it, you sleep over it, you wake up and look around at and still don't see. You realize that the nothingness or the lack of anything is nothing if you consider the something days in the past when you had everthing and wanted to have nothing. Those something days.. when you always had something or someone in mind, when pen was mightier than 12 hours of sleep, 8 hours of looking blankly at the computer screen and 4 hours of trying to count the hours in a day.

Since when have you been a workaholic? You'd pride yourself in being the lazy kid. But even while being lazy you'd always tried to keep the brain moving. If it doesn't move, you feel congested, feels like..dead. So wake up buddy. Wake up and see the world.

Who am I talking to?
ah.. Hi John, what's been keeping you busy these days?