Saturday, 20 September 2008

"End of all Hope"

"Most of the people don't read the rest when they see the heading, that often happens with me. But never mind,I have learned to live with that".  
1."Is satisfied life different than successful life? If yes which is the better one?"

2. "How do I know whether I am satisfied or not?"

3."Is consistency of opinions through out life be an indication of a satisfied life? "

4. "Can saitisfation ever accompany failure?"

5."Can satisfaction be defined as the ignorance of better oppurtunities"?

6."Will satisfied people always feel happy?'

7."Is success objective?"

8."If success is subjective, can it ever be universal?"


  1. 1. no
    2. subjective
    3. not really
    4. yes
    5. no
    6. no
    7. no
    8. no

  2. 1.depends on how you define success perhaps'll kno when you are
    4.yes,from learning from them
    7.not at all

    If you ask me wat success is, i would quote Father Pious(at the loyola program)
    "Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal"

  3. 1. to be satisfied one needs to be successful at something. but to be successful doesn't mean one is satisfied
    2. i can say that u would know deep down. but that is rather stupid. u will know in time. one cannot force "am i satisfied?" out of oneself
    3. no. people do that when they are scared
    4. 100% yes. if u analyzed your mistakes and if u can believe u can make it right the next time
    5. no
    6. not necessarily in the physical level. it can be spiritual etc
    7 and 8 enikku manasilaayilla

  4. 1.success is subjective. u need to define your success, and if you re successful in that consideration you shall be satisfied.
    2.hmm, as long as you re not evidently unsatisfied...
    3.NO. NO. NO. agree with bach.
    4.again, failure in whose eyes? learn from the falls so that we may walk stronger.
    5.nope. it cant be defined so but in its pursuit we may have to ignore "better" opportunities.
    6. lol, dont get bach started on the spiritual stuff again. next thing we know our bot will be attendin masses in church with john. noone is always happy. "there is no light without darkness".
    8.i think i jumped the gun and put the answer to q 1. universal?? no. "we are all unique, just like everyone else".

  5. Being successful is juz being happy that way u will feel satisfied..... its the universal truth and it is not subjective....applies to all

    ....."may be im dumb or maybe juz happy".....