Monday, 9 March 2009

Ask not what Dhwani can do for you

We're are entering the final few weeks of our college life. Time for nostalgia to creep in. Idle time wasted away reminiscing those wonderful days. But wait. It's not yet time to throw up your hands and say it's over. There are still weeks to come and they're gonna be action packed... all thanks to Dhwani.

For, when a million notes blend in cadence , there shall be one.... and only one symphony ---''the symphony on palette '' of Dhwani !

We had our Dhwani '09 Curtain Raiser few days back. To be honest I was a li'l disappointed by the function and the response. Anyway that's past and it has given me (and hopefully many others) inspiration to make this Dhwani the best cultural fest in South India.

This is also an appeal to all those CETians waiting in the shadows thinking it's the Dhwani committee's Dhwani. No! It is CET's Dhwani and as it gets louder each day, we'll need all of you to reach out and scream at the top of your lungs so the Dhwani would be heard afar and colleges around India would come in search for her.