Saturday, 14 February 2009

A poll transformed into a post

A holiday is always good. Event hough my lab exams are starting on 17th, haven't started to feel the heat yet. I woke up late and thought about the various ways to pass time, as I would do on any holiday.

Thought of reading some book but I was too lazy for it. Sitting in front of the computer was a more effortless thing to do. I started to browse the internet but after some time, got bored again. Checked the class blog but there weren't any new posts in it. Thought of posting something idiotic in the blog, as I always do, but felt that laziness won't allow me to type.

Suddenly, I had that idea. Think!!! That would be a nice timepass as I haven't done much of that in my life. And I won't have to move from the chair also. I started to think straight away, assuming it to be the most effortless thing. But I had no idea what to think about. After the confusion for a few minutes, I decided to think about the blog itself, discarding other serious topics which were under consideration ( Like which all movies did I watch last week?, shall I have lunch from outside or from the mess itself? etc.)

What all changes might come to this blog in the future? More posts, more members, different labels.. what else?

Oh.. yea.. A girl might become a member. That would be a significant change indeed, I thought. If one of the nine girls becomes a member, who would it be?
It seemed to be a perplexing question. I couldn't think of anyone's name in particular. I had that idea of creating a poll, in order to know you guys' opinion. My thoughts went on, and at last, it was in this form. Question is there, above. Here are the options, not in any particular order. Now if you relate a particular description with anyone, it's not my fault, it's totally yours.

1) The one who has miserably misunderstood the time at which class starts though no one really minds that. ( In fact, everyone loves that late arrival !! Don't ask why)

2) The one and only one Reliance customer in our class (Most probably in the whole Trivandrum also) ever since I quit Reliance. Also known as 'big B' of our class.

3) The one who used to look ferociously at boys if they came within a five meter distance with her, in the first few months of first year (only).

4) The one who dresses like she is living in a European country.

5) The one who is rated as the better looking girl in our class, by most people (That itself reveals the poor state of our class). What to tell !! Mookkilla rajyathu murimookkan rajavu !!

6) The one whose face expression never changes.

7) The one whose voice was hardly heard anytime.

8) The one who is an idiot or at least behaves like one. Try asking 'It's not a crime being an idiot.. is it?' Reply will be too sweet.

9) The one who seems (read stressing the previous word) too friendly, takes down notes with great care, even uses a pencil for diagrams.

P.S. - 1) Hope I don't offend anybody. There's nothing serious in it.

2) Sorry for posting such a thing on such a special day.


  1. I wrote pole instead of poll and took some time 2 realize it.. lol...

  2. so wats ur choice ..... or shud I make a guess who might be tat...

    for me its b/w 1,2,5 and 9...

  3. Funny!!
    But I really didnt get all he girls from the clues
    I missed
    I could use some First aid.

  4. got confused in the options...couldnt get many of them :-)

    4 is my choice

  5. still confused about figuring out who's who..
    ma choice wud be 1 or 2 if i interpret rightly..

  6. somebody tel 8 she wil join next day.............
    she may not know dis

  7. :-D.. poochakkaru mani kettum?

  8. trouble finding out who's who.
    nyway given the limited options, the girl would be 4 or 5.

  9. Well...I thought i ll b able to recognise atleast one person;).Unfortunately I failed miserably:(

  10. phew... wasn't a great success, i presume. few of the descriptions were not good enough.. rt?9,4,2,8,1,3,7,6,5.. is the alphabetical order as I conceived it.

  11. thnx 4 da hint..
    seems i had gotten many wrong..