Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dhwani Update

Just 15 days to go. Dhwani's almost upon us and preparations have gone up another gear. All the events have been finalised and rules decided. Most importantly, dhwani has gone online : Expect changes and updates in the website soon. Keep yourself tuned in regularly.

On the sposorship side there's good news this week. Star Flow International has agreed to be the main sponsor. Our series exams are done, and I can happily go back to musing about Dhwani. In other college news, the work on Golden Walkway's almost done. Just in case someone (including CETians) is wondering what that is, here is a pic..

The new entrance and walkway looks cool...

Back to Dhwani.. So the natural question is What's new? and we say everything and nothing. You want the euphoria, the crowd and the olam back? It's still there. But what happened to the events? Where's my village of music? It's gone and reinvented itself! The events and rules this time around are more what you can say.. people friendly. It's not a just competion for the cultural brilliant, but a festival for the enthusiasts. So join in the fun!

April 3,4,5,6.. Be There

PS: I've uploaded an HQ .png version of Dhwani logo with transparency at Logo for anyone interested to do the photoshop.

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