Saturday, 10 January 2009

you me and i

When you have got time to waste, there are some things you stumble upon. Internet is the best place to waste time. Wiki's one such place when you are academically inclined. But when you are so lazy to read real stuff, there are some sites to that could humour you, like XKCD and Explosm.

Then somehow I stumbled upon google trends. It gives some interesting results for the keywords you throw at it. Here's and interesting plot: you, me, i

Interesting things to notice: you overtook i in late 2006. You me and i had an anomolous peak in November 2007. I wonder what those mean... Upon comparison with each other, Peru tops the list when ranked by 'you', New Zealand tops when ranked by 'me'and Denmark in the third case. India makes the Top 10 cut only when ranked with 'i'.