Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Use Blackle and save energy..

If Google had a black screen, taking in Account the huge number of page views, according to calculations, 750 mega watts/hour per year would be saved..!!!!!!

In response, Google created a black version of its search engine, called
Blackle, with the exact same functions as the white version, but obviously with lower energy consumption:
Please use www.blackle.com

Somewhere I read that each and every Google search produces 0.8 gms of CO2. The Google authorities claim that it's only 0.2 gms or so. So try to reduce Googling!!


  1. jeez nice. but does it work the same on crts and lcds? hmm... iblackle?

  2. i might switch the day iblackle is released.. :-)

  3. "Before you tune out and turn off, you should know that black isn't necessarily the new green. Because computer monitors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and not all monitors create black and white the same way, there's no proof that, on the whole, increased usage of black images would save more energy than the continued use of white ones. In fact in newer liquid-crystal display, or LCD, monitors white is actually slightly more energy efficient than black." - picked that up from from a site.. but for CRTs black is more energy saving.

  4. Whoa!! I use my CRT on an avg of 4 hrs a day, using blackle is gonna save me abt .060 units of energy everyday. so for a month I'll be able to save 1.8 units of energy. which i suppose aint much considering my house alone,but put together a 10000 CRTs (i believe Trivandrum city alone will far exceed that no.) and the amount of energy that can be saved is huge! also our city will be able to save more than 40000rs in energy costs each month. which may not be a huge sum but still should be enough to cover the maintenance cost for a substation. i just hope i did my math right!! :)

  5. i dint have the energy notion in mind when i used to set the c++ screen from blue to black back at school... and even here when i use matlab, its in black....
    more easy on the eyes...

    and sudeep my dear, if u get time amidst ur very busy schedule, please spare a thought on our project.

  6. and c'mon aeiohyou...lets support the environment... boycott the white templates once and for all!!!! :-)

  7. and i'm waiting for a black theme for orkut...

  8. So you dint get time to say this to your friends even after gettin these many responses... too busy..huh??...nyways i m tellin on behalf of you since i was the one who misled you, though it was not intentional...You can refer the following details and see tht its jus a fraudulent work of soemone....
    URL- http://www.blackle.com
    Type of site- Search engine
    Registration- No
    Available language(s)- English, Portuguese, French, Czech, Italian
    Owner- Heap Media Australia
    Created by- Toby Heap[1]
    Launched- January 2007
    Current status-

    its not owned by Google inc. its some one else's marketin technique dear!

  9. the site's not owned by google.. was pretty clear..
    but the objective in their 'about us' page is eco-savings

  10. Consider using some black themes for firefox. I prefer i-Gradient and Nasa nightlaunch.
    The blackle need some makeup such as diff color for links,previously visited etc. May be google could come up with one...it would b cool in all sense.