Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Some moments that I can't forget - 2 (Mr. B and Mr. P)

*Story is real, even though it has been slightly exaggerated.

**Sorry for the nasty language in between. Couldn't avoid it.

You could imagine how happy a brother would be when the wedding of his only sister is approaching. So was I during last July, my sister's wedding was to be held on 11th of that month. But all my happiness got pulverized when the internal evaluation of our mini project was fixed on the same day. It was not possible for me to abstain from the function. My sister asked me to bunk the presentation and come straight away. I thought of asking for a special permission to present it later. But I had to meet S B sir for it and his impression of me is too good. He thinks that I am the 'Goonda of MH' or something. So such permission would be so difficult to get from him. Anyways, I decided to try since there was no other option.

When I went there, he was not in his room. P sir was sitting there. Then, I had that idea. He was also in charge of our mini project. So I'll ask him. He obviously didn't have any opinion about me. To have any opinion about the students, he must at least meet them once in a while, right?

I went near, and said, "Good afternoon sir, Em Sudeep from s6 Applied."

He raised his face and looked at me.

"Sir, can you please give me a permission to postpone my mini project viva? My teammates will present it and I can't come on that day. The thing is that...."

He didn't allow me to complete. Before that, he said, "Ok.. I'll conduct it after S8. Will that be ok with you?"

I almost said a thank you and turned back. That was the softness with which he said that.

Damn!! He doesn't want to know even the reason, I thought. I was obviously not in a mood to enjoy the sarcasm in it.

"Sir, My sister's wedding is on the same day. So... "

"Oh... is it so? Such reasons are so simple to create, right? Can you give me any proof for that?"

"Sir, I'll show you the invitation card."

"Ok.. Then show me that"

I didn't have an invitation card with me at that time. So I ran back to the hostel and came back with the card. I thought about the various possibilities for him to deny me the permission, on the way. But what happened was beyond my imagination.

I barged into the room and handed the card over to him. He started to look at it with a grim face. He was examining it so closely as if it was a document regarding national security or something. He looked at the front side of it for some time, and then turned it back. He stared at the back side for a few moments even though nothing was written there. I kept wondering what the hell was he trying to discover.

Suddenly, there arrived a triumphant smile on his face. He looked at me, proudly, as if he had defeated me in some wrestling championship. This time, B sir was also sitting next to him. P sir explained to both of us as if Sherlock Holmes was describing a case which he had proved with his dexterous maneuvers.

"This card looks pretty new. So straight from here, you went to the press and made this fake proof, didn't you?"

I was shocked to know that people, that too college professors would be this much absurd at certain times. He thinks that I could have made such a fake proof from a press within that much time!! If atleast I could think like that, I would definitely have been in a better position in my life.

I recuperated from that quickly, but couldn't easily figure out anything to defend my part.

"Go to hell, you sh*t head" was all what I said in my mind.

"Sir, usually in our place, we keep invitation cards as new. No one invites anybody with an old looking card"

I managed to say that much.

He frowned as if I had defied his great scientific discovery or something. At that moment, B sir came to my rescue. He said that it looked genuine and could be accepted as a reason. Then, P sir also agreed. Wow, what a good man he is, I thought, which was to be corrected later.

"So, what are you gonna bring us after the wedding? Bring us some sarkkara varatti"

Said P sir.

I smiled and nodded. Then, again, B sir interrupted.

"That's something we can have here also. Where is your house?"

"Palakkad, sir"

"So bring us some Palakkad special.. Hmm.. Well... I've heard that Palakkad is well known for Halwa. So bring that"

Now from where did he get all these valuable information?? I've heard about Kozhikkodan Halwa but not Palakkadan. But it was not the right time for an argument. I just wanted to get out of there, as quickly as possible.

So I smiled, and accepted everything, and said "oh.. Sure sir"

Again, he started to give me instructions like bring a piece of size this much, pack it properly and bring it to the staff room for us etc.

I, somehow managed to keep the smile on my face and nodded for all these even though I was saying "F*ck #&%$@ S*ck &&^$ @)**^ @#^& ^*^ ^%$@" in my mind. That's one of my greatest plus points. Seeing me, you will never think that this much is going on inside me.

Finally, it was over and I turned back saying “Thank you”. When I was about to get out of the room, B sir called me back.

"Hey, you.. come back here"

I went back thinking that this must be something really important, most probably regarding when would I have to give my viva. He gestured me to come near and said in a lowered voice as if he was telling me a secret which only he, in this world, knew.

"Do you know what my name is? It's B. So when you bring the Halwa, if I'm not here in my room, give it to someone else and ask them to hand it over to B sir, ok?"

"Definitely, sir"

I came out of the room. My mind reveled because I could go for the function without any worries about mini pro. I pitied B sir for taking it so seriously. But all these turned out to be irrelevant when presentation was postponed for the whole class.

I used to have a great bit of respect towards my teachers till I joined this college. I strongly believed that 'Guru' is equal to 'God'. For me, my parents and my teachers are the greatest gods in this world. Even during these days also, when I go home, I meet my teachers or at least call them, and get their blessings.

I do have certain regrets about my college life. I have done certain things which I should not have and I haven't done certain things which I should have. And my greatest regret is that I don't love or respect my teachers in this college the way I used to do till I reached this college. It hurts far more than screwing up my exams and spoiling my future. But such incidents help me a great deal to get rid of that regret..


  1. ROTFLMAO.. they shouldn't have.. ha ha
    but they.. hehe.. oh leave it..

  2. LOLOL!! Mini project days will surely be among the days I'll never forget,a few crazy days they were,thanks to Mr P and Mr B! :)

  3. ur mistakes
    1. u didnt call them for the marriage buddy..... u shud have taken cpl of cards and invited these ppl.... ur home being in palakad, none wud turn up....
    2. they themseevs gave u a chance to try the VIM effect!!!!

    u n i n most other in here are the same..... raring to get out of this rat hole

    ps- nee halwa kodutha??

  4. inviting them...!! no way..!!

  5. yep.. cud've been risky affair with palakkadan halwa waiting on the other side..
    PS. Still laughing..

  6. ROFL....."if I'm not here in my room, give it to someone else and ask them to hand it over"...U should give him some halwa...he really likes halwa...

  7. "This card looks pretty new. So straight from here, you went to the press and made this fake proof, didn't you?"
    - Thats too low even by college professor's standards....
    "I strongly believed that 'Guru' is equal to 'God' " - I have learned to forget those words a long time ago... in the last millennium, to be exact..

  8. Its hilarious man....How can we call them as teachers and give respect when they say "This card looks pretty new. So straight from here, you went to the press and made this fake proof, didn't you?" like this..No need to have any regret for not givin any respect for such cynics...But I have a strong urge to ask you one thing..Who made them to ask or atleast think in such an absurd way like this??You or your friends?I think its time to have an introspection...

  9. I liked it... u writes well.....

    and am glad to know, that am a part of this article........

    keep up the good work....

    love u.... Chechi.

  10. LOL. gr8 post buddy. the last 2 paras really sums it up for me. 'went straight to the press and printed it'-ingenious. rofl.

  11. Note:- Mr.B and Mr.SB are different.

  12. LOL.....really gr8:-)