Monday, 8 December 2008

The Way Back Home

My friend and I got down at the bus stop and we part ways.. My mind was still not at ease after the main project session. I decided to call it a day and let Vienna Teng sing softly at my ears. As if by providence thence came the bus that led back home but via a long road I hadn't taken oft.

Time goes fast if you hurry. This was the verse that I played around for a while in the bus. The drizzle was starting to find in through the windows. I didn't care.. I fact I wished it would continue, like the days we spend in college. Time has it's own speed. It's our mind that goes fast or slow and it's seldom that I get moment like these when I'm able to pause everything for a moment and slow down time such a pace. A pace from which I could both admire the past, accept the present and dont give a **** about the future :-)

I don't want to remember my college days as a blur. Neither do I want to be tied down by the memories. So I try not to slip up on such chances that come by. As I was floating along in such memories something outside suddenly struck me. The walls outside seemed more than familiar. The fact that I hadn't thought that this road led afront ma school filled me with some kind of shame. I hadn't been to school for some months, even though I'm just a stone throw away. Had I been preoccupied with so much thoughts from college that i forgot my dear school? na.. After seeing school it was memories from school that took over. I'm now walking back home.. The drizzle's still there as if to say everything takes it's time; only if you don't hurry.