Friday, 16 May 2008

History Of The Class- through the eyes of a student


Let me warn you that what is said this is purely not a work of fiction and are true incidents in the past three years of our class. Names have not been changed due to lack of imagination to create so many. Apologies for any mistake in the timeline 'coz I've focused more on the relationship dynamics than getting the time factually correct.

Some free time at my native place gave me the inspiration to write about the joyous years in college. It's fun reliving those moments and memories before they fade away and only the feelings remain.


It all began one fine afternoon in the |Autumn (October I think) of 2005. I was standing in front of the college office to complete the formalities concerning higher option. A girl stood beside me looking at forms similar to those held by me. I asked her name. 'Jisha', she answered. 'That's four', I counted in my mind the number of of people I knew as I entered the AE&I class of 2005, CET.

Coming up: Ch1 - A Class Apart.