Saturday, 31 May 2008

happy resume writing

it is the rainy season and resume season. today i ve done some work on my resume
here it is

name divertido

career objective: make lots of money, take lots of vacation

educational qualification: sisthum gustheem

mini project: didn't work

industries visited: some place near aruvikkara

languages known:english hindi mandrian samali, russian

papers presented: automatic dust-bin

academic achievements: ucha kanji, oru horlics kuppi niraye pallu, appurathe veetile "kala"ye line adichu

hobbies: at home: sleep
at school/college: vaaynoottam

Achievements: slept coninuously for 28 hours from evening 5 toevening 6 next day(it is easy mathematics take 17 hours in a day

field of inerest: butterflies in digital signal processing

from birth till now sleep
now sleep
plans for future sleep

you people are lucky. i can type while i sleep

as you can see i have done nothing till now. all of what i am going to do is in the future when do we start???

the blog neededsome junk, adios!!