Monday, 21 June 2010

A scribble.

June 21st, 1 am.

I could hear the rain outside, showering, making the earth wet with its gentle foreplay.

All I'm thinking of is tomorrow. The anticipation of future, regrets of the past, and a purposeless present, I already had my timeline full. How ridiculous?!

Passions run deep. And one of mine is keeping me awake this late into night. That sight of the ball, the feel of putting your feet through it,the adrenaline pumping up your spine,and finally the inexplicable ecstasy of seeing it cross the line.

Ex-girlfriends, back-stabbing colleagues, swearing bosses, cribbing parents, psycho roommates, nothing,nothing really matters once you put on those boots,the wind caress your torso and just let it fly. Feeling the satisfaction of doing something you really wanna do and Before you know it you are in a different world altogether.

Yes,smitten by world cup fever I'm. Waka-waka!! :P

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