Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Light in the Dark

No recent posts here.. Thought I'd bump up one frm ma blog :
Saw a firefly on the way to lab. I cant remember the last time I saw one. Memories of my native place in Malabar are flooding back into my mind.

The house is halfway up a mountain called Kappimala. All around, you can see the Western Ghats spreading away like ripples of green water. The nights are as beautiful as the day. This place might be one of the very few areas where there is no electricity connection in Kerala. So once it is night, it's pure darkness.. Nothing like the night lights filling up the sky in Bangalore. The only light sources are the Moon and fireflies. I remember the joy of sitting out on the couch after dinner during such nights. The calmness just engulfs you, feeling one with nature and the sounds of nature rings in beat with the soft music from my iPod. Ah..

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