Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Fade to Grey

It's always the little things in life that you miss the most. College life has given me some really unforgettable moments/incidents. But there are so many little collection of things that I can't remember with clarity. They happened every other day but everyone of them were special like..
  • the joy of walking to college everyday with music at your ears
  • cutting classes for pretty much no reason
  • laughing until you cry at your friends' cracking joke
  • the whole days spend chatting in pancharakadu
  • the feeling of looking at a person the whole day and knowing you'd be back the next day to do the same
  • the smell of rain drizziling outside when you're warm n' cozy in class
  • having lunch at Lords though every time we end up cursing them
  • all the days when nothing out of ordinary happens
  • the innumerable museum sessions when discussions ranged from intellectual to plain PDs
  • the mini and main project days..
  • my regular presence in bus bay from first year onwards though I've always walked home
  • walking back home on the half tarred - half clay road


  1. Sitting on top of desk and cracking jokes, Fighting for "Kadi" in canteen....and much more

  2. ah.. how cud i forget the 'fights for kadi' in canteen..

  3. scribbling names on benches,desks,walls what not! ;),
    combi sessions on the day before the exam,
    night outs when parents ain't home,
    the unbelievably 'stereotypical' Kishore jokes,lol!
    club-house sessions,
    'painfully-boring-lab' hours turned PD hours.....
    hmm... loads of memories to carry forward! :)