Thursday, 26 June 2008

More Cosmic Circuits

Some random thoughts on the first day of placements:

Mom calls the company cosmic rays
Gokul and me were standing in front of cgpu the whole day that people thought either we were placed or had the interview. Many asked about the interview and job, which we aptly replied to.
Analog v/s Digital - digital won, nobody got the job.
Rizwan's bag went missing in the evening which was discovered later in a cupboard full of files..
Appu sponsored the coffee before interview results and food after that.
Drove the car with shoes on.. thankfully no accidents though the driving was a bit edgy
Applied started the first day on a high with tea around the canteen table and one kadi to share.
Didn't hear the ipod more than an hour today for the 1st time.. mebbe i'll fall asleep to tht zzz where's the post button.? Ah! clik