Saturday, 15 March 2008

My life in multicoloured shoes

How many times in life have you lived a double life? Not many for me. I'd always been largely unaware of anything happening outside my sphere of friends. But right now I'm forced to live a multiple life through a learning curve with angle of elevation greater than 45 degrees.

The situation isn't hard to explain but might be hard to understand for someone else. First of all, I've always been this spoilt child type. Might be 'coz I'm the younger one, but I always had responsibilities thrown over to others. Chachan did majority of the outside work and Amma handled everything inside. Things are right on the balance when I'm left back here with apparently nothing to do. The only chore I was reminded to do was paying the phone bill. Rest would go on like clockwork. But into the first week, I'm starting to realize I'm mistaken.

Elders have a full blown social life. We, on the other hand usually contend ourselves with small talk. I, being the supposed information bug for the family, am entrusted the responsibility to gather information from social spheres like church, native place etc. Also, all info that's to be passed on to the respective spheres has to pass through me. More and more I find out that the things I've to do to keep myself alive is much easier than things I'm supposed to do. Among these, I've to split into another frame too - try belonging to hostel, where I know I wont be staying more than 2 months while hanging out with the usual gang outside the hostel.

I'm talkative among friends and pretty silent at other occasions. I'm hoping this experience would teach me something - to talk to people. As of now, it's truly a labyrinth... just some passion missing. ;-) If someone could provide it, the labyrinth of passion would be complete.


  1. cant comment on this unless i know more about your past and present situation... as u said...its difficult to understand... the vague idea i get is that u're confronting new perspectives of responsibilty...

  2. sorry.. i have not completed it.. had to go offline suddenly..

  3. "labyrinth of passion" enthokke kaananam!!!!!

  4. Hmmm... spoilt brat,a labyrinth of passion... kollaam...

  5. pretty much same for me...the differences din even have to pay any bill...and me is talkative on almost all occasions.......
    anyway....lets see what life has to offer ya Uncle John.......

  6. and we're waiting 4 ya to complete it i spose....

  7. it's complete.. it wasn't wen kk read it..

  8. Found myself in similar shoes, 3 years ago... and now its all coming to an end! *sob*
    And one of the earliest lessons I learnt... how much we take our family for granted!
    is this post showing symptoms of homesickness ? ;-)
    Cheer up...this too shall pass, and at the end two months (too short a time I say!), you're gonna miss those days. the sense of freedom, shouldering responsibilities and being accountable to yourself. Make the most of it ;P

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