Sunday, 2 March 2008

I won!

[photo to be uploaded]

relationship status: single
birthday: March 2
age: 1 day
languages I speak: hex

about me: There's no harm in taking the left turn to make a right one.
children: maybe
fashion: cellotype
hometown: trivandrum

passions: electronics
activities: sensing, running, blowing
books: Electronics circuits for the evil genius
cusines: Anything that can power me

education: mosqui's school of pics and technology
career interest: fire fighter

ideal match: someone hot enough needing some cooling down
first thing you'll notice about me: my triangular head
height: 35 cms
build: aluminium reinforced cellotape
looks: beauty contest winner
turn ons: candlelight
in my bedroom you'll find: iceman, Bach, Aj, AS, inquisitivo, JFx


  1. LOL!

    Can't remember when i was this excited before...

    We won! Yipee....

    "looks:Beauty contest winner"

  2. i was speaking about this to kishore.. he said u guys had put a flag on the robot... next time write the blog name on the flag ok.. :-)
    i'm serious... i'm sure this blog needs to reach out more.. its worth it..

  3. YEEEEEE..
    We won...We won...
    "There's no harm in taking the left turn to make a right one"
    Loved it...

  4. gr* work, easy to read, to the point. love it.