Thursday, 8 July 2010

Update from Home

Thought I too would update on my happenings, the ICEMAN way..

Almost a week home now. These days I'm not getting anything to write about. Most of the days were spend doing nothing. After the first few days you find out how boring internet could be if you get to sit in front of it for more than 4-5 hours a day. The great world of television has never quite caught up with me. Don't find anything interesting there other than the occasional Star World. (Btw iceman, the tour de france has started. Contador's the best bet.)

Moved on to movies and TV-series. Reached 3rd season of "How I met your mother". Not as entertaining as "Friends" or "Scrubs". Still it's pretty entertaining and good time pass. In movies over the past few weeks,

Rebecca - 7.5/10. ya I'm watching the Hitchcock classic only now. Good movie. Very good buildup.

Remember Me - 8/10. A touching story, I felt the characters were potrayed in an intense way. RobPat shows he's much more than a romancing vampire.

The spy next door - 7/10. Entertaining and funny. For Jackie Chan fans.

Shutter Island - 8.5/10. Psycho.. real psycho. No more words.

Vinodayatra - 7/10. Feel good movie. Could've cut down on the preaching though.

Agnisakshi - 9/10. Watched it the second time after about 10 years. Timeless story, brilliantly taken.

Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya - 8/10. Lots of mixed reviews on this one but I personally liked it. The feel of this one stays with you for long. Very beautifully taken especially Trisha.

Raavanan - 7/10. Though I missed out on majority of the dialogues due to language problem, I felt the plot was ok to good. The camera work is one of the best I've seen in Indian movies. But disappointing as a Mani Ratnam movie. Could've been better.

Kites - 5.5/10. There wasn't much right about this. Didn't expect much. Ended up laughing through some of the supposedly serious scenes. :-D

Disaster Movie - 0/10. Truly disastrous. Horribly Boring. Left me wondering what happened to the Scary Movies era when movie spoofs were as good as original.

On to other stuff, I've started reading the classic "Little Women". I'm not finding it much entertaining. Am still ruing the fact that I forgot to take the book I was reading (The Chamber) from IISc. I was seriously drugged (taking medicine for fever) while packing. Other than those, the list of things not packed included my iPod, toothbrush, shaving set etc.

Firefox 4 beta is out. Cool look.

Main project work hasn't started in proper sense yet. We've been attending some presentations and so on, but Self-Driving Car still seems a distant dream. Bach is having better luck with his one I believe.

Till anything interesting happens.. Signing off..


  1. I missed the first 2 days of tour de france...
    Stupid crashes and tyre punctures...

  2. cobblestones causing all those problems..

  3. you forgot to pack your ipod? un-f@c$i$g-believable...