Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Find Me My Love

This darkness seems to surround me,
Taking me in and all my thoughts,

I seemed to have lost my way i know not when,

Its true i might soon see a splinter of dawn,

But right now i know i'm lost in this deep abyss of time,

I search for a hand that will lead me on,
For my journey is endless and my destination unknown,

All i need is a companion in this tunnel of desperation,

That someone who can show me that ray of hope i want to see,

I need that someone who in my silence will hear all my thoughts,

Find me my savior......Find me my love....

Hold my hand and let this wait end,

When my fingers would be entwined in yours in a bond of oneness,

And then will you wake me up from this dream to find me with you,

To give me my life,to give me my light...

And all the happiness and love i could ever ask for....