Friday, 24 July 2009

Swept Away!!

The air is feeling denser. Everything around us is faint. It is getting fainter. I realised my eyes are getting filled with tears. I wiped the tears off with my hand. She looked at me. I looked away, I didn't want her to see me crying. I was sitting on the grass with Evol beside me. Its been more than an hour. I felt her hand on my knees. I looked at her. She was standing up. She started to walk towards the lamp post without looking at me. She was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. It looked as if the constant friction wore out some colour from some parts of the jeans,it was no more blue there. She stood still, I kept looking at her from behind. I am now sitting on her shadow the evening sun cast on the green carpet. May be she is trying to hide me.

Now I am talking on the phone. I walked away to the car and drove away. As the car was leaving the park I could still see Evol leaning on to the lamp post, unmoved. No, I am not that kind of a person who walk away from anybody without even looking. Evol does know where I am going, even though I didn't know.

Evol always knew everything. And how many times did she manage to hold her tears and cuddle me when I am in tears. She has always been there comforting me.

"Eventhough I feel she is mine
and only min
e,she ain't only
Everytime I come near you
and it just gets better
When the first time I saw you,
in the green with elders
I was afraid to say I love you
bcoz you were so busy.
When the elders went away
I felt your magic in my hear
When someday you were
holding my hands
, I realised
It was not the first time
you were touching me
I was so busy doing my job that
i didn't know when you

Touched me for the first time or
when you talked to me.
All I knew I was that i was
in love with you
I remember that day when
standing on the green park,
You said this will never end
I thought you were right.
When the tide came,
I took your hand and
Looked at your face
I realised you cant come
with revoir "