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Product Portfolio

1.The Ultimate Solar cell

TUSc should convert solar energy into stable-recoverable electrical energy which can be stored.It is supposed to produce hydrogen and oxygen directly from water, which allows the storage of energy for later use. This trapped energy can later be recovered by using a fuel cell. Or the hydrogen fuelled vehicles can be run on the hydrogen produced in this way. TUSc is fitted on the top of the homes covering the entire roof so that it produces entire energy for the home and also for the hydrogen fuelled or fuel celled vehicles of the home owners. Since roof area is directly proportional to the power requirement and no. of vehicles in the home, that works well.
Inspiration:In one hour, enough sunlight strikes the Earth to provide the entire planet's energy needs for one year.
1.Finding a cheap catalyst to produce hydrogen and oxygen.
2.Developing low cost and efficient fuel cells.
1.Why H2 and O2?
Because is H2 the fuel of the universe. The cleanest fuel ever, producing water on burning, that too clean water.It can be used directly in fuel cells to produce electricity and also in vehicles.
2.Where will you get the water from?
TUSc can work even in salty sea water and you can see a a situation where u supply raw sea water directly to home and they get energy and drinking water from it using TUSc..Possibilities are infinite..

2.THE Hydrogen Engine..THe(::)
Engines which work on hydrogen and can produce up to 10000hp so that they can be used even with jet planes.There are two variants of this version.
1.One in which hydrogen replaces gasoline in IC engines.
2.Fuel cell version.
So vehicles don't need exhaust pipes in future.The advantage of fuel cell type is that they can get energy both as hydrogen and also as electricity which makes it so convenient to refill.
1. Controlled combustion of hydrogen
2.Equipment for producing H2 like TUSc
3.Overcoming pressure from Oil Cos.
1.Why not the electric engine?
The efficient and mass storage of electric energy in batteries is costly and the cycle is lossy. Also THe may utilise some of the already developed IC engine related technologies like Turbo,Common Rail Injection etc..

3.The REPrinter..TREp(::)
TREp can do all an ordinary all-in-one full fledged color printer can do. But the difference comes from the fact that you never have to refill its cartridge and it can reprint a new document in an already printed paper like a new paper. It extracts ink from the old printed paper thereby erasing the paper and stores it int the cartridge. So if the cat ridge is running low feed in some old printed papers. If you need to print a new document and have unnecessary old printed papers just feed in those papers and get new document. What more you need?,Saving on both paper and cartridges. Now imagine reading those ebooks by printing in TREp. It takes 0.3 seconds to erase a A4 size page and 0.1 seconds to print one A4 size page. Save those bamboos for the pandas.
1.Developing the ink extraction technology.
1.When will TREp be available on Market?
When Super Dream Inc(::) decides to do so.
2.How much will it cost?
The value of one share of Super Dream Inc(::) at Dow Jones Stock market.

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Compensation and Benefits
CTC:Best in the industry.
A world where energy is free..
A world where global warming is not on news..
Paternity leave of 1 year up to 5 children.

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Willingness to accept defeat.

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